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    279407136_iconporing2.png.0fa936abebfc06ca8be40e2c33a68a24.pngStep#1: Download latest kRO Full installer

    This installer contains a clean copy of the latest kRO Full files that require to run Ragnarok Online Servers. After downloading this you need to download the mini installer.

    kRO Full Client (Clean)_20190225 >>Click Here<<




    279407136_iconporing2.png.0fa936abebfc06ca8be40e2c33a68a24.pngStep#2: Download ZombieRO Mini Installer phase-2 (20191018)

    In the event you have a clean copy of the latest full kRO folder, you will only need to download the Mini Installer.

    ZombieRO EP.5 Phase-2 Mini installer (20191018)>>Click Here<<




    279407136_iconporing2.png.0fa936abebfc06ca8be40e2c33a68a24.pngStep#3: Create a Forum Account.

     Remember: Check you Email Spam for the verification E-Mail

    This account keeps everything related to ZombieRO in one place for you; you will be able to access to the forums where you can communicate directly with your friends, and you will have your messenger and Mail Inbox.

    Click here to be taken a right to that page!




    279407136_iconporing2.png.0fa936abebfc06ca8be40e2c33a68a24.pngStep#4: Create a Control Panel Account.

    Remember: Check you Email Spam for the verification E-Mail

    You'll use to sign into ZombieRO when you're ready to play and get into the world of Midgard. The registration page will get all of your accounts in order.

    Click here to be taken a right to that page!




    279407136_iconporing2.png.0fa936abebfc06ca8be40e2c33a68a24.pngStep#5: Follow Client Installation Guide.

    Now keep those two copies with you safe, you might need them if something happened wrong.

    Now go follow the Installation Guide >>Click Here<<




    279407136_iconporing2.png.0fa936abebfc06ca8be40e2c33a68a24.pngOptional: Download Full Game Manual Guide.

    We have create a Full Game Manual Guide to help new comers navigate and explore the server with some details. Please download this guide and read it in your free time.


    ZombieRO Full Game Manual.pdf 



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