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Race to Max Event

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[The 10 Winners for Race to Max Event Are]:

  • 1st Winner  NamiSwan (Female/Hunter)--> Prize (100 USD) --> Received
  • 2nd Winner  Stealing Friend (Female/Rogue) --> Prize (90 USD)  --> Received
  • 3rd Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (80 USD)  --> EMPTY
  • 4th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (70 USD)  --> EMPTY
  • 5th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (60 USD)  --> EMPTY
  • 6th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (50 USD)  --> EMPTY
  • 7th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (40 USD)  --> EMPTY
  • 8th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (30 USD)  --> EMPTY
  • 9th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (20 USD)  --> EMPTY
  • 10th Winner EMPTY                   --> Prize (10 USD)  --> EMPTY

[NOTE]:1x 7642.png.ebd0724a06bedb2b876491bdd41cdc65.png Bloody Coin = 1x dollar.png.0d525c955f435bb8bb7bee5b023e7214.png US cent


[Screen Shots of Winners]:



[Event Duration]:

Start Date: 15-NOV-2019

End Date: 15-MAR-2020




[To be declared as winner you need to have the following]:

Max Base Level: 99

Max Job Level: 50 (Novice not applicable)

Account Creation Start Date (New Account) : 15-NOV-2019

Total numbers of characters per owner: 1x Character Only




[Bloody Coins Redeem Reward Process]:


Player require to provide the GM with the following information in order to receive the prize:


  1. What is your in-game login Account?
  2. What is your PayPal Account?
  3. What is the name of your character that hit Base Level.99?
  4. How many Bloody Coins you want to Exchange?
  5. Did you send the Bloody Coins to GM by via in-game mail? if no, please do so.
  6. Did you Provide the GM with Screenshot of the character? if no, please do so, because we need it for reference.


[Note]: PayPal transaction fee will be deducted from the total amount.


We look forward to seeing you in-game ZombieRO fan. A grand adventure awaits you within!

Join Us Today! https://www.playragnarokzombie.com/


Thank you,
ZombieRO Team


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