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  1. Hey! come and play at 2004 server let's have some fun. Rok on.
  2. VilesX

    Training Grounds bug

    Great thanks.
  3. Commands listed here: https://www.playragnarokzombie.com/server-information/ are not working.
  4. VilesX

    Training Grounds bug

    I have to choose the other choice to get pass this.. the one that only gave 100z
  5. Maybe Server Feature.hehehe Zombie mod
  6. Tara guys laro na dito sa 2004 server tayo para classic.
  7. VilesX

    Training Grounds bug

    Followed test result but doesnt give items or warp me outXD
  8. yeah thought it was free gold haha
  9. VilesX

    ZombieRO 2004

    Hi! I'm VilesX, lets play together.
  10. working but why am i on jail?
  11. Just downloaded KRO full installer But I seems can't download Mini patcher just getting enlarge Image.
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