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  1. I believe it was after this restart that the mob_count changed from 200% to 100%. Was it intentional or it happened involuntarily? Im pointing it out just in case it was unintentional so it can be set back to that value since its much more fun for mobbing and everything. If it was intentionally changed back to 100% then its perfectly fine 👍
  2. ABC

    Knight Jobchange Quest Bug

    Solved now, thank you!
  3. ABC

    Knight Jobchange Quest Bug

    Nop, now the first npc doesnt even talk to me, and the second one still tells me to go to the first.
  4. ABC

    Knight Jobchange Quest Bug

    That's exactly what I'm doing, watch the video. I did this 3 times and theres nothing else to do, get the items, deliver them, go to the second npc but it doesnt recognize the progress and sends you back to the first which for some reason starts the quest from the beginning again and asks for those same items again and even if you give them again the same will happen again. Its a loop.
  5. Hi The respectable knights at prontera chivalry are high on some strange substance which affects memory and I'm about to murder them the moment I find how. The thing is, I do the 1st step which is gathering, I deliver the items and I am asked to talk to the 2nd knight to go on with the trials, when I talk to this second knight he tells me I shouldn't be talking to him without completing the 1st step, which I did (3 * * * * times in fact). So I gathered the items all over again, and twice the amount just to be sure and nothing, he takes em sends you on your way and the progress is lost 👌 Heres the video: https://youtu.be/GBRbxt4eW10
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