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  1. guild announcements are display each time when member of guild use wing/teleport/portal/warp or leave map.
  2. I was thinking that is some bug in game but it looks like feature :-0 great!
  3. When I use fly wing on map gef_fild13 is not possible to move with char. Most of time when random teleport me near the castle. After using wing again its ok but everytime when teleport me near or into castle I am stucked.
  4. Its problem that I created same account on https://www.playragnarokzombie.com/ and also on this site? then http://zombie2004cp.playragnarokzombiecp.com/ When I try to Resend E-mail Confirmation on this http://zombie2004cp.playragnarokzombiecp.com/ I get this Your account is pending e-mail confirmation.
  5. I recevied Hi M1lko, Welcome to Play Ragnarok Zombie and thank you for joining. You can now sign in with the password you chose when signing up. but when I trying to login into game with account and password i got error account is blocked Spam folder is empty Your account is pending e-mail confirmation.
  6. Hi, I have same problem no confirmation email. What can I do?
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