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  1. after thats done, you will only need to type in the confirm password
  2. the top one and the new password are needed not the confirm password
  3. you need to put 4 number 1st then next/accept then type the same 4 number again then ok
  4. is it that thing that you need to put 4 number
  5. @DennisTheHumble what do you mean about password pin part? is it that from when you log in to the game
  6. go to rules here in the forums and find the training area code
  7. gm npc have no sell button XD cant sell anyting
  8. wow fruit and veggi are the price XD hehehehe
  9. XD try make new account then do what the window told you im inside the training area ill wait for you
  10. did you type the wrong anti cheat thing? i pass that thing
  11. i saw the server is still offline so that maybe the problem
  12. and wanna ask is the drop rate is real on rms XD because thats why im here XD
  13. wait is game up? patcher not patching :3 wanna confirm
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