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  1. I'll try as soon as I'm free from the Sanctum( before moving you after you log-in)
  2. it's seems with all accounts it's happening before you removed the anti-cheat system
  3. cann't even go town ^ tried tp, butterfly, warp...no use
  4. only in this p-server have those dc's p.s -cann't even afk in town :)... gonna return to play when it'll get better yours, Damn
  5. Requirement Sand Attack : If you are a Thief you must be Job level 25 or higher to learn this skill. This does not apply for Assassin and Rogue. so if you want it, you kinda stuck in thief class.
  6. Quest NPCs Bag Seller - RuRumuni (91,77) Part of Sand Attack Quest
  7. Hello, I want to copy skill with Intimidate, is there pvp in the server? yours, Damn
  8. Hello, the same value gives ,+5 hard def, both of them but you see below it shows different. and the rest equipment have higher defense than actually gives. yours, Damn
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