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  1. no need for new account, just relog and enter the gold again is it tells you
  2. thmeryah

    Merchant quest

    the only way to become march, to keep reset the quest till player get the msg to morroc or geffen
  3. thmeryah

    Merchant quest

    some how i got 2nd msg quest, now to prontera as u can see in inventory, lets hope pront is not puged also...
  4. Could release the platinum skills for all classes we have, please? its helps alot on the gaming.... such as Sage: elemental converter archer: arrow crafting alchemist: elemental potion Aco: holy light so on.... but put in mind some quests parts are in Lighthazen map for alchemist which is a prove that those platinum came after trans expantion. So if you gonna bring 1 platinum skill, you have to bring all the other platinum skills for the rest of classes. Also some of the platinum skills are over powered for non trans classes. like assasin platinum skill which gives lower chance of doing MISS on sonic blow... so on with other few classes.
  5. It's not only arrow crafting, arrow crafting is part of platinum classes skills. Means even mage swordmans etc... has same issue as arrow crafting. Maybe becouse its EP 5? as far as i remeber platinum skills quest came when trans released.
  6. thmeryah

    Merchant quest

    http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=60000&qid=60005 Baylan section is pugged, kafra doesn't give me options, only storage. I think this pug goes same to pront because its kafra maybe?.... other players has changed to merchant becouse they had msg to geffen and morroc which was fine.
  7. ***** DELETE THIS THREAD PLEASE *******
  8. hello! please provide us as list for all the commands which we can use such as "@autoloot xx.xx%" etc...
  9. this post is mainly how kafra shop should be looks like not for voting yet just be fair on kafra shop equally for all classes type.
  10. for gears type.... adding there's atk range type, crit type, tank type, flee type so much more.... if u will bring an stats equipment make sure all 5-7 types maybe more, are there... dont make players make that class becouse example: oh this headger and shoes in kafra i will make a knight or w/e etc...
  11. Just think about it... suggestionsb - costumes items - gaint fly wings - Elu / Ori / Safe upgrade - color butterfly wings "towns teleports" - hair change/color - cloth color change - so on..... regarding gears if you will bring any gear make sure you bring gear equally. Example HEADGEAR: - INT type headgear: either incearse MATK or reducing cast time etc... theres many options - STR type headger: either increase damge or ATK spees etc.... theres many options - LUK / AGI / DEX / VIT type headgers: simller to INT and STR types... you got the idea i guess... EQUALLY We might also need - Char Name change - Guild Name change - Char Gender change - light white/blue potions so on.....
  12. Iam making wizard atm will be main
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