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  1. guys... ever tried the CP? usually faster than waiting for some GM for hours....
  2. any ETA til this might get fixed? 12 days now and nothing yet...
  3. hm... over one week since report, and not fixed yet? sad-cat-life =/
  4. some of the doram-equips are dropped from the wrong mobs: - Luxury Doram Suit (itemID: 15129): Dropped by: SWIFT Uni Horn scaraba (mobID: 2799) Should drop from: Uni Horn Scaraba (mobID: 2083) - Luxury Doram Shoes (itemID: 22084) Dropped by: GOLD Two-Horn scaraba (mobID: 2162) Should drop from: Two-Horn Scaraba (mobID: 2084) - Elegant doram suit (itemID: 15156) Dropped by: Pom Spider (mobID: 2132) Should drop from: Fruit Pom Spider (mobID: 3507) - Elegant Doram Manteau (itemID: 20790) the right mobs drops it, but why is it boss flagged? Jungle Madragora (mobID: 3506) isn't supposed to be boss protocol, and so should get a bit higher droprate on that item.
  5. no need to customize this: it's all hardcode stuff, rAthena will implement it sooner or later.
  6. just 2 questions about skill/mechanics: 1.) does doubleattack crit? no idea if rAthena finally managed to implement this as it is on official since ages. 2.) does paladin's "Rapid Smiting" work with the new mechanic as well? so to say, considering atk into the formula, not only shield weight. (mind testing?)
  7. uh... zeny prices for CS items... quite tough. lemme think. Grape (ID 514): 200 z (normal NPC price) * Grape Juice (ID 533): 250 z (normal NPC price) * Strawberry (ID 578): 200 z (normal NPC price) * Giant fly wing (ID 12212): 150 z (party-teleport. should be a bit more expensive than normal flywings, but not exaggerated expensive.) Gym pass (ID 7776): 100.000 z (easier than changing the NPC to use zeny) 30 day Halter Lead rental Box (ID 16683): 200.000 z (pure status-symbol. good zeny-drain. and the supernovie-mount is cute AF) Battle Manual (ID 12208): 150.000 z (for dem riches wanna lvl a char fasta!) Silvervine Fruit (ID 6417): 10.000 z (not too expensive, otherwise noone will do those malangdo-instances) Bubblegum: 1.000.000 z (hence i wouldn't be THAT sad if you keep that off.) Enriched basic Ores (ID 7619 + 7620): 250.000 z (+10% sucesschances for refining. not too good imho) HD Basic Ores (ID 6240 + 6241): 500.000 z Blacksmith's Blessing (ID 6635): 750.000 z HD high Ores (ID 6225 + 6226): 1.500.000 z Bearers shadow box (ID 22813): 1.000.000 z (gives a random piece of the bearer's shadow gear set) Full Shadow Gear box (ID's 14729, 14704, 14726, 14727, 14728, 14732, 14731): 3.000.000 z each (they give the full shadow set, hence they need to be refined to be good. we have the shadow refiner NPC, so we should also get the items for him to work on, amirite? good way for min/maxing and zeny drain.) *: to encourage hunting i'd add 50% those prices. that's all comsumables/usables i can think off. for possible CS-equips i gotta make anoter list
  8. any news here? besides the rachel donation rally tho.... almost a week without some love for renewal server xD
  9. just the lazy guy outa me speaking: can we have the quick-refiners? those asking for either max safe reine or a certain refine level.... too lazy to click through the menue hundreds of times just to get some item to +7
  10. alrighty, let's be blunt: you don't wanna donation/pay2win stuff. i get it, i like it. but we're missing a lot of stuff availiable on official servers that's donation-items. luckily, there are some NPCs that could mitigate for that and change pay2win to grind2win (as RO always was and always should be, if we ignore the "noob-highrate-walletwarrior-pay2win-with+50allstats4slottedheadgear-only-living-for-half-a-year" - servers....) and best part: they're from official (ok, iRO, but official is official xD). 1.) Eden Merit badges: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Eden_Merit_Badge just trade in old items (tbh: OPBs are crap in renewal and not worth opening. period.) for badges, get neat items/buffs for this badges. 2.) Safe Certificates. with the increement of the max refinerate to +20 on renewal, i think giving us a little 'headstart' for equip-refining would be neat. not for free, tho: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Safe_Certificate this NPC trades valuable MvP equips into random +7 armor or weapon safe refine cert ( npc/re/quests/eden/eden_iro.txt ) . ( npc/re/merchants/ticket_refiner.txt ) is the ticket refiner that uses this certificates. maybe you wanna relocate him into the prontera-refine-building and not sitting behind it,. but that's just a QoL thing. those tickets go to +7 from this NPC, and imho it's neither game-breaking nor that easy to get, considering some pre-refined/pre-enchanted equips from instances often drop with +7 or higher, sometimes even with +11~+13 refine.
  11. i'd opt for that, too.
  12. odd. played half day yesterday, no cradsh, no disco. are you playing over a VPN?
  13. i know about autotrade, the problems were 1.) autotrading-account can't be used for playing 2.) to get the items i wanna trade from one account to the other. without roDEX'ing a ton of stuff (max 5 items possible, fee's are insane high, too) but with the dual-client allowance this isn't an issue anymore. except lvling another char.
  14. well, either oyu use creamy or some more valuable card on the slot, tho. also, it's not only creamy card. it's aco classes, too: a ME-priest/Ado-AB that just wanna lvl needs to carry a ton of blue gems around: thats why i hate playing priest just because of the many items you gotta carry around (blue gems, holy waters) and no way to get rid of the tele-menue when lvling. i died WAY too often because it doesn't behave on rAthena/hercules like on official: once the tele-menue is open, you can't cast any spell/skill. back on euRO i played priest a lot, and i always had a tele-menue open to emergeny-warp away when in danger/MvP spotted my lil' ME/FS hybrid.
  15. i'd vote for that. i want to set up a vender, but currently i: - would have to either vending OR playing with only one account. - would have to roDEX all the items i wanna vend/roDEX back the money with the insane fee's. - Scrap the idea of sharing my items for a small profit.
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