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  1. If i logged out in archer village and logged back in, the jail check does not let me remain in archer village, instead it sends me to c_tower2.
  2. But NPC for holy light is there
  3. This NPC is bugged . i am certain i did everything correctly, steps that i took were. Roaming Bard (Gave flower and he told me to go to lutie, so 100% done) Father Christmas (did not give me one of the random items he usually gives however step is complete) Debra (She told me to talk to Snowysnow, which is the bugged snowman, so step cleared) Jack Frost (AKA Snowman/Snowysnow, he should be telling me to talk to Poze, which is the next step, however ive spent more than 5 hrs with him trying to figure it out). Please Advise
  4. I think an NPC which could transfer my character to another account is a good idea, rather than making a new one and leveling it up, since we couldnt dual client but we can now.
  5. i know that i indeed talked to the first guy near the torch in comodo as it clearly said in step 1, the problem is with the snow man quest.
  6. I have a suggestion, which is allowing the use of : #main #party #trade so that players can chat easily and also help in recruiting.
  7. I have tried with my acolyte in many fild, but i cant do /memo.
  8. there is dark priest in gl_chyard O.O
  9. i cant change to bard, this npc is not working properly, please check quest line https://irowiki.org/classic/Bard_Job_Change_Guide. im at step 2. I followed a few guide all failed. Something is wrong but i cant figure it out.
  10. Anagawe

    Alchemist Shop

    The NPC that players can buy Bowls for Alchemist is not selling them.
  11. Anagawe

    Alde Castle

    I was in alde and i noticed that i cant enter the castle area.
  12. I have check both expected locations for the NPC called Roberto: Can you please check if he exists or not? of so please fix it, but then maybe i don't know where he is in classic, please notify location.
  13. I have a suggestion, which is to make all kafra in main town same as the one in Zombie town, which can teleport you to all major cities.
  14. I believe ragnarok online in the old days, monsters did not have skills to use (except MVPs). i suggest that all mobs in fild and duns get their skills removed completely.
  15. All i have to say is this: Since the server is called Play Ragnarok Zombie "2004" Please Fix the server until Episode 9
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