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  1. can you talk to the quest initiator in comodo. I think the quest was easy. Let me know if you still have an issue.
  2. We will do maintenance today and the following will be updated: multi-client will be accepted, please download the last updated mini-installer in the download section. un-related EP.5 items/monsters will be permanently removed from the server. classic respawn will be adjusted. WOE Zombie, will be every hour. database cleaning for un-related ep.5 items will be done later, currently it will show as an apple, you can sell them to npc if you want. thanks.
  3. hey, taifelel, Welcome to our server, we are glad we have you. It's a security check that send you to jail, don't worry. Just buy the correct amount if gold and it will unjail you. If you have any issue let me know.
  4. Welcome to our server, can you check in the hour downloads folder? Both files have no issues. Please check again. Can you provide screenshots? Let me know if it works.
  5. Thanks, for your efforts. We have closed all castles, only one castle in Geffen is open.
  6. hey, Thanks for your time and suggestion, we think it's better to keep the classic experience, don't you agree? 😃
  7. Hmmm. I think its not right to do this, but i will share it to the team. Thanks
  8. We are stopping at Juno episode.5 We think its better to rename the server to EP.5. We will raise it to ratemyserver to also update their listing. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Ya sorry for that, currently we are taking action on it and we will solve this issue for second update. It will be purely old experience, don't worry.
  10. Its already shown on ratemyserver 🙂
  11. please break those into voting section, thanks. it will be easier.
  12. We have modified 2004 Server drop rates, please visit the below link http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&preview=1&serid=20622&url_sname=Play Ragnarok Zombie Enjoy leveling. Don't forget to gear-up for MVP's
  13. Did you receive a confirmation email? Can you login in your account via cp?
  14. strange.. i will check what's going on. Sorry for experiencing this.
  15. hmm.. we trying our best to bring the correct respawn. i will double check. thanks for this feedback, really appreciated.
  16. i went there, npc already there, please check below screenshot. wondering what went wrong.. please check and let me know. thanks.
  17. No... the below are the only classes: Novice Swordman Knight Crusader Mage Wizard Sage Archer Hunter Bard/Dancer Merchant Blacksmith Alchemist Thief Assassin Rogue Acolyte Priest Monk
  18. Hey, .. i think no novice be red potion available.. Its not showing in our database.. In the future, we might create custom server, but we need to stick to old experience... I know its hard, sry for that.. you can buy potatoes instead? npc available outside.
  19. thanks for reporting the page. we have experience alot of bugs when we try to implement the custom commands. We will stick with basic, Only one command given yo player which is autotrade. Thanks again
  20. because its very old script, i will track this issue.
  21. sorry for inconvenience. we have to stick with anti-cheat, because we don't have game guard or other anti-cheat build-in. it will bother you only on login and no monster attacks you.
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