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  1. Hello Onkel.

    This suppose not to happen.

    Can you please try again and fill all slot with the same pin? you will need to enter the pin into 3 lines as showing in the below screenshot:

    let me know if its fixed.





  2. Hey, Congratulations !!!! 

    send me your in-game bloody coins via mail. and provide me with your in-game login id and your paypal account.

    i have sent you more details, please check your forum messages.



  3. Please register your Mini-Boss, MVP Cards, or God items, by contacting game master in our forums. Failure to do so will result in deleting your item during unexpected events.

    Simply, send a screenshot for the item and the character name that  have obtained the item. This will secure your item in case something happen.


    Thanks for reading this.

  4. Introduction to Treasure Hunter Area:


    Treasure Hunter Dungeon is a significant update in ZombieRO. Inside this dungeon, you will find a mighty mini boss monster that will reward you with amazing EXP. The majority of those monsters currently located in all guild dungeons. But due to WOE not active and castles not been occupied, so  people get the benefit from the guild dungeon, we have made this dungeon as permanent as the second phase of ZombieRO.


    The Idea behind this dungeon to make a challenging atmosphere for farming and PVPing at the same time. Note that this dungeon is in nightmare mode, meaning if a player kills you, you have a chance to drop random equipment and items. It’s wise to enter this dungeon with guild team members to secure your types of equipment and inventory items. Remember that this dungeon has a monster call Treasure Box, and this monster has a high chance to drop a coined called Bloody Coin. The beast drops this coin with a chance of 100% and will respawn every hr. The dungeon approximately has around 60x Treasure Box monsters. Treasure Hunter Box monster has a cool down to respawn every hour. In this Phase of ZombieRO, all coins will not be  dropped on the floor and got a restriction to drop in nightmare configuration in Treasure Hunter Dungeon. We advise players to enter this dungeon with a recycle equipment that could be lost after death, and it will not affect the adventurer gameplay. Good News to announce that Bloody Coin is worth 1 US Cent, which means players can redeem this Bloody Coin to Game Master with real money. Remember that players will cover the PayPal fees, and it will deduct from the total amount of the redeeming Bloody Coins. So 60x Bloody Coins is equal to 1x USD.


    Treasure Hunter Teleporterasdfasdfdff.png.7ead00e5417c0d2c86b2c3753bb8e75e.png:
    The teleported located in the Treasure Hunter Area can teleport the player to the Dungeon without any fees. The teleporter will keep warning players about the nightmare configuration; please read carefully the instruction highlighted in red color. Remember that you can use teleport skill, Flywing, even Bwing. Make sure other players do hunt you r gears and items. This Dungeon got GVG configuration with nightmare mode activated 


    Treasure Hunter Boxasdfasdf.png.be65a3e3b413e3a89dc700d6a2858a5f.png:
    The Treasure Hunter Box crocodile is an undead monster that has a high chance of dropping a coin called Bloody Coin, as shown on this screenshot. The beast will respawn every hour. Be careful while you are farming this monster as other players can hunt you down.


    Note: 1x 7642.png.ebd0724a06bedb2b876491bdd41cdc65.pngBloody Coin = 1x dollar.png.0d525c955f435bb8bb7bee5b023e7214.png US cent



    [Redeem Reward process]:


    Player to send the desired amount of Bloody Coins to in-game GM via in-game Mail with the following:

    • Name of the Character.
    • Account Number (can be obtained via CP).
    • PayPal Email.




    Players require to send a private message to forum GM with the following:

    • Screenshot of Character.
    • Screenshot of Account Number (can be obtained via CP).
    • PayPal Email.


    Note: PayPal transaction fee will be deducted from the total amount.



  5. RACETOMAX.png.1b129ecd02d4d0b41002d880da28cadc.png


    [The 10 Winners for Race to Max Event Are]:

    • 1st Winner  NamiSwan (Female/Hunter)--> Prize (100 USD) --> Received
    • 2nd Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (90 USD)  --> EMPTY
    • 3rd Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (80 USD)  --> EMPTY
    • 4th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (70 USD)  --> EMPTY
    • 5th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (60 USD)  --> EMPTY
    • 6th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (50 USD)  --> EMPTY
    • 7th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (40 USD)  --> EMPTY
    • 8th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (30 USD)  --> EMPTY
    • 9th Winner  EMPTY                   --> Prize (20 USD)  --> EMPTY
    • 10th Winner EMPTY                   --> Prize (10 USD)  --> EMPTY

    [NOTE]:1x 7642.png.ebd0724a06bedb2b876491bdd41cdc65.png Bloody Coin = 1x dollar.png.0d525c955f435bb8bb7bee5b023e7214.png US cent


    [Screen Shots of Winners]:



    [Event Duration]:

    Start Date: 15-NOV-2019

    End Date: 15-MAR-2020




    [To be declared as winner you need to have the following]:

    Max Base Level: 99

    Max Job Level: 50 (Novice not applicable)

    Account Creation Start Date (New Account) : 15-NOV-2019

    Total numbers of characters per owner: 1x Character Only




    [Bloody Coins Redeem Reward Process]:


    Player require to provide the GM with the following information in order to receive the prize:


    1. What is your in-game login Account?
    2. What is your PayPal Account?
    3. What is the name of your character that hit Base Level.99?
    4. How many Bloody Coins you want to Exchange?
    5. Did you send the Bloody Coins to GM by via in-game mail? if no, please do so.
    6. Did you Provide the GM with Screenshot of the character? if no, please do so, because we need it for reference.


    [Note]: PayPal transaction fee will be deducted from the total amount.


    We look forward to seeing you in-game ZombieRO fan. A grand adventure awaits you within!

    Join Us Today! https://www.playragnarokzombie.com/


    Thank you,
    ZombieRO Team


  6. Dear All,

    we have received several query related to some issues with anti-cheat system. Some players have reported freeze and stuck issues.

    For the time being, the system will  be disabled and from our side we will keep checking for violations manually.


    If there is any update, we will notify you in our forums.


    Best Regards,

  7. do you still have the issue.

    i just tried a thief class, and i got sand attack skill without issue.

    let me know if you still have the issue.

    Sand Attack
    Inside the Morroc Pyramids 
    The room opposite to the Thief Guild
    Ingredient(s) Product(s)
    7041.gif Fine Grit x 5 
    tf_sprinklesand.gif Sprinkle Sand
    Talk to him and choose the menu option for 'Sand Attack'. He will ask you to bring him some items in exchange for learning the skill. 

    For the Leather Bag of Infinity you have to go to Payon to find RuRumuni, see next step for location. 

    Requirement: If you are a Thief you must be Job level 25 or higher to learn this skill. This does not apply for Assassin and Rogue.


    Best Regards,



  8. Hey.

    i have checked the full knight job change quest, i couldn't trace any bugs.

    can you please follow ratemyserver guide: https://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=60000&qid=60010

    Let me know if you still have the issue.

     Any one else experience this issue?


    Knight Job Quest - First Test - Collect Items
    Sir Andrew Syloc
    prt_in (75, 107)
    Inside the Knight's Guide
    Ingredient(s) Product(s)
    -- -- First Set -- --
    1040.gif Elder Pixie's Moustache x 5 
    7006.gif Wing of Red Bat x 5 
    931.gif Orcish Voucher x 5 
    1057.gif Moth Dust x 5 
    903.gif Reptile Tongue x 5 
    1028.gif Mane x 5 
    -- -- Second Set -- --
    1042.gif Bug Leg x 5 
    950.gif Heart of Mermaid x 5 
    946.gif Snail's Shell x 5 
    966.gif Clam Flesh x 5 
    7031.gif Old Frying Pan x 5 
    1032.gif Maneater Blossom x 5 
    Not Applicable

    He will assign you to collect one of the two sets of items. Just hunt the items and give them to him to pass this part of the quest. After you are done, he will tell to talk to Chivalry Captain Herman again and he will inform you about your second test with Sir James Syracuse.

    Note: If you are at job level 50, he will tell you that you can skip this test and move onto the next part. 






  9. expminingevent.gif.40fbd82e8d46d97076d2b465ef6eb1af.gif


    Dear All,

    We are glad to announce implementing the EXP Mining System. Active players will be receiving a boost EXP for every minute. This is only applicable for base EXP.




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