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  1. Dear Players, We will do urgent server restart at 6:00pm server time. Please logout before this period.
  2. Update: We have Removed Sunglasses[1] Quest, and we put the item into Orc Lord, as this item so powerful.
  3. Are you ready for the WOE? start time for Tuesday and Thursday@ On 21:00 end time for Tuesday and Thursday@ On 23:00 start time for Saturday@ On 16:00 end time for Saturday@ On 18:00 Enjoy
  4. Dear All, We are glad to announce implementing the EXP Mining System. Active players will be receiving a boost EXP for every minute. This is only applicable for base EXP. Enjoy.
  5. Thanks for reporting. For time being please use bwing in your inventory. I will work on it.
  6. its suppose not to happen. Anyway i have unlocked your both accounts. If you have any issues please let me know.
  7. Dear All, We have added new quests to the server, and we deleted some monsters that not related to our episode. more details are below: Added Juice Maker Quest. Added Sunglasses[1] Quest. Improve more monsters respawn such as geographer, and punk. Remove the teleport restriction in gef_dun03 Added more xmas monsters in xmas field. Enjoy.
  8. Dear All, Because of the unexpected event, we have shut down the server temperately, and we take advantage of that to implement some updates highlighted below: Main Spot Kafra employee now be able to teleport you to almost where other Kafra employees can. But she will ask for 2x price. MVP's and Mini-Bosses slaves now will respawn much faster. Loots dropped in the floor will be removed after 10sec, players advise using auto loot. Mobs have increased in some maps, such as High Orc clock tower, magma dungeon, etc. Orc Lord, been moved to gef_fild10 and Orc Hero moved to gef_fild14. Security check will teleport players to zombie town for investigation, and then it will warp players to the previous location. Payon Kafra save point has been corrected. A new policy has been added for MVP and Mini-Boss cards (in summary: policy says, to register your Mini-Boss and MVP Cards, by contacting game master in our forums. Failure to do so will result in deleting your item during unexpected events). enjoy.
  9. hmm, I will remove the item, till the spirit fixed. Sorry for that
  10. omg I will fix it, for the mean time please use the bwing in your inventory. Sorry for that
  11. to be honest i dont think its good idea ... but if vote is high, we will work on it.
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