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  1. Sry for late reply. I will check your issue. I will let you know if the issue resolved.
  2. Now you will have 2xEXP buff if you are not idle.
  3. We have updated the following into the renewal[2019] server: Removed the security check [gold system] and we will keep manual check for violations. Added Juice Maker NPC. Added Buy/Store NPC. Added HP/SP healer NPC. Activated prt_cas03 WOE castle. Corrected Doram drop items (thanks for proposing). Enjoy.
  4. Do you still have this? We removed anti-cheat as we thought its the reason! Do others dc?
  5. Can you relog and use bwing. I just implement fixer fir this issue. Let me know if the issue resolve.
  6. Dear All, we have received several query related to some issues with anti-cheat system. Some players have reported freeze and stuck issues. For the time being, the system will be disabled and from our side we will keep checking for violations manually. If there is any update, we will notify you in our forums. Best Regards,
  7. do you still have the issue. i just tried a thief class, and i got sand attack skill without issue. let me know if you still have the issue. Sand Attack Alcouskou moc_prydb1.gat,154,128 Inside the Morroc Pyramids The room opposite to the Thief Guild Ingredient(s) Product(s) Fine Grit x 5 Sprinkle Sand Talk to him and choose the menu option for 'Sand Attack'. He will ask you to bring him some items in exchange for learning the skill. For the Leather Bag of Infinity you have to go to Payon to find RuRumuni, see next step for location. Requirement: If you are a Thief you must be Job level 25 or higher to learn this skill. This does not apply for Assassin and Rogue. Best Regards,
  8. Hey. i have checked the full knight job change quest, i couldn't trace any bugs. can you please follow ratemyserver guide: https://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=60000&qid=60010 Let me know if you still have the issue. Any one else experience this issue? Knight Job Quest - First Test - Collect Items Sir Andrew Syloc prt_in (75, 107) Inside the Knight's Guide Ingredient(s) Product(s) -- -- First Set -- -- Elder Pixie's Moustache x 5 Wing of Red Bat x 5 Orcish Voucher x 5 Moth Dust x 5 Reptile Tongue x 5 Mane x 5 -- -- Second Set -- -- Bug Leg x 5 Heart of Mermaid x 5 Snail's Shell x 5 Clam Flesh x 5 Old Frying Pan x 5 Maneater Blossom x 5 Not Applicable He will assign you to collect one of the two sets of items. Just hunt the items and give them to him to pass this part of the quest. After you are done, he will tell to talk to Chivalry Captain Herman again and he will inform you about your second test with Sir James Syracuse. Note: If you are at job level 50, he will tell you that you can skip this test and move onto the next part. Regard,
  9. Dear Players, We will do urgent server restart at 6:00pm server time. Please logout before this period.
  10. Update: We have Removed Sunglasses[1] Quest, and we put the item into Orc Lord, as this item so powerful.
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