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  4. Dear Players, We will do urgent server restart at 6:00pm server time. Please logout before this period.
  5. hm... over one week since report, and not fixed yet? sad-cat-life =/
  6. only in this p-server have those dc's p.s -cann't even afk in town :)... gonna return to play when it'll get better yours, Damn
  7. Update: We have Removed Sunglasses[1] Quest, and we put the item into Orc Lord, as this item so powerful.
  8. Requirement Sand Attack : If you are a Thief you must be Job level 25 or higher to learn this skill. This does not apply for Assassin and Rogue. so if you want it, you kinda stuck in thief class.
  9. Quest NPCs Bag Seller - RuRumuni (91,77) Part of Sand Attack Quest
  10. guild announcements are display each time when member of guild use wing/teleport/portal/warp or leave map.
  11. I was thinking that is some bug in game but it looks like feature :-0 great!
  12. Are you ready for the WOE? start time for Tuesday and Thursday@ On 21:00 end time for Tuesday and Thursday@ On 23:00 start time for Saturday@ On 16:00 end time for Saturday@ On 18:00 Enjoy
  13. Dear All, We are glad to announce implementing the EXP Mining System. Active players will be receiving a boost EXP for every minute. This is only applicable for base EXP. Enjoy.
  14. Earlier
  15. yes there should be a pvp room in the main towns pront, morroc alberta and geffen. i will put pic for pront
  16. Thanks for reporting. For time being please use bwing in your inventory. I will work on it.
  17. When I use fly wing on map gef_fild13 is not possible to move with char. Most of time when random teleport me near the castle. After using wing again its ok but everytime when teleport me near or into castle I am stucked.
  18. What's the end game in the server, in my opinion... Server end game is the official WoE & PvP, farming MvP and lvling... Due to the custom WoE and high drops rates. I suggest that we implement official WoE and this official WoE can grant access to Guild Dungeon for lvling and open world PvP in the guild dungeon FUN. Rewards from official WoE will be the rental God like item, maybe 1 day. These God item can not used during official WoE.... UNLESS we have the original WoE system/economy box with godlike parts to make god items which is as hard as to get a MvP/Mini Bosses cards. But put in mind the original woe needs alot of players since each castle has their own 1 kind of godlike part.... Idea: could have 4 castle in each town and merige the godlike parts in 1 castle of thw town. like 1 castle drops 4-5 parts depanda how many castle there are. Also it can be like twice a week 1 for EU players time and other 1 for US time. Official WoE should start when there are idk lets say 5-7 guilds atleast 10 players in ea guild? its up to Game Masters... and ofcourse with guild lvls on Note: Current WoE is good for lacking players ATM but its not that fun as the original WoE Guild need to raise castle economy and challenge each other to keep the castle to help raising the economy each time guild keep the ownership. please feel free agree/disagree with me and post below ur suggestions regarsing EP 5 server.
  19. its suppose not to happen. Anyway i have unlocked your both accounts. If you have any issues please let me know.
  20. Its problem that I created same account on https://www.playragnarokzombie.com/ and also on this site? then http://zombie2004cp.playragnarokzombiecp.com/ When I try to Resend E-mail Confirmation on this http://zombie2004cp.playragnarokzombiecp.com/ I get this Your account is pending e-mail confirmation.
  21. I recevied Hi M1lko, Welcome to Play Ragnarok Zombie and thank you for joining. You can now sign in with the password you chose when signing up. but when I trying to login into game with account and password i got error account is blocked Spam folder is empty Your account is pending e-mail confirmation.
  22. Hi, I have same problem no confirmation email. What can I do?
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