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  3. Hello, Abysmal Knight drop rates are 1x is that correct? Other mobs drop rates in GH are much higher. Thanks.
  4. Hello all, just want to ask if cramp card drop here. I spend a lot of time today on cramps but no card drop. Can someone let me know if card is in moster drop list and working. Thank you.
  5. Sry for late reply. I will check your issue. I will let you know if the issue resolved.
  6. i did download, signed up, verified email inbox but when when i try to log in inside game, it keep saying "unregistered ID" 😢 i'm sure i following every step correctly and i type my id and pass correctly. what should i do?
  7. Sorry, it works good. I was afk under 5 min. Solved
  8. Inside prontera prt_in 227,18 only solution is butterfly wing.
  9. Loot from mobs does not disappear. Its such a mess on the ground 🙂
  10. Exp buff is now active still. It was for one minute only but now is perma.
  11. I have no issues. Damn what is your internet connectioni? Do you have problem with one or only with multiple accounts?
  12. guys... ever tried the CP? usually faster than waiting for some GM for hours....
  13. Now you will have 2xEXP buff if you are not idle.
  14. I believe it was after this restart that the mob_count changed from 200% to 100%. Was it intentional or it happened involuntarily? Im pointing it out just in case it was unintentional so it can be set back to that value since its much more fun for mobbing and everything. If it was intentionally changed back to 100% then its perfectly fine 👍
  15. We have updated the following into the renewal[2019] server: Removed the security check [gold system] and we will keep manual check for violations. Added Juice Maker NPC. Added Buy/Store NPC. Added HP/SP healer NPC. Activated prt_cas03 WOE castle. Corrected Doram drop items (thanks for proposing). Enjoy.
  16. Nop, now the first npc doesnt even talk to me, and the second one still tells me to go to the first.
  17. any ETA til this might get fixed? 12 days now and nothing yet...
  18. Do you still have this? We removed anti-cheat as we thought its the reason! Do others dc?
  19. Can you relog and use bwing. I just implement fixer fir this issue. Let me know if the issue resolve.
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